Monday, December 26, 2011

New blog!

I am very excited to announce that the blog has been redesigned!

Ashley Jankowski and her team at Braizen patiently worked with me on the design, put up with my petulance, inspired me, and produced something I am very proud of!

Check it out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rachel and Chuck {St Petersburg Wedding Photographer}

Rachel was a binder bride.

When I first met her I could tell that she was before she even sat down to talk. It was the way she walked that gave it away. Like Mary Poppins, with direction and total lack of ambivalence, ever so vaguely British. She sat down and brought out her binder with dividers, tabs, markers, folders and sleeves all tucked neatly within.

I saw the binder again on her wedding day, laying on the table in her dressing room. All of her concerns and questions all tidily squared away as plans and solutions. It would not be opened on her wedding day, all of its work was already done. I wasn't the only one who noticed how important the binder's role was, Rachel's bridesmaids teased her about it.

But all that planning and preparation had a payoff, Rachel was sublimely relaxed on her wedding day. She was completely in the moment, ready to enjoy her new husband, Chuck and everything else the day brought.

Who says Type A's can't have fun?

Hosted by that indefatigable perfectionist, Alan Skipper, at Isla Del Sol.

Hair and Makeup by Destiny and Light

Cake by Cakes with a Kick

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jessica and Jan-Michael {Tampa Wedding Photographer}

I've never had a bridezilla, but I've had a few close brushes with a mother-of-the-bride-zilla. They want everything to be perfect but forget along the way that the day is about their daughter.

Jessica's mother was the polar opposite of that, she was kind and giving and just couldn't stop beaming at Jessica. There were no 'helpful hints', no 'constructive criticisms' from her, just unadulterated pride and generosity flowing from her to her daughter.

Really the whole family was like that. Her dad and two sisters forgot themselves and just enjoyed Jessica's day with her. Jan-Michael's family was so proud of him, and you could tell that they really loved him. I've seldom seem such supportive and genuine and expressive families on a wedding day.

The event was appropriately held at the famous Saddlebrook resort just outside of Tampa, Jan-Michael is a professional golfer. The grounds were just amazing, breezy, willowy pines stretching towards the sky, tranquil watercourses overflowing with wildlife, all surrounding the sumptuous resort itself.

You might remember Jessica and Jan-Michael from their e-session a few months back.

Hosted and catered by Kristen Kachurak at Saddlebrrok Resort

Entertainment by Jacob of Music on the Move

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Victoria and Brian { St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer}

The Backstreet Boys and Brian. These are the things that make Victoria light up.
When I arrived to shoot Victoria and Brian’s wedding, it was clear to me, to anybody, that Victoria had a bit of the pre-wedding nerves. Which is totally normal of course, but it was there, she was quiet and breathing deeply. 
Also her mimosa supply had been interrupted.
It was not yoga, it was not sitting indian style and hommmmmm-ing, it wasn’t even more mimosas that finally got Victoria to relax. It was somebody’s ipod suddenly playing Backstreet Boys that finally got Victoria smiling and laughing and in the moment, and even throwing down some mean street moves.
After the ceremony, when it was just Brian and Victoria and me, I got to see Brian’s effect on Victoria. Seeing him got her smiling and laughing and in the moment, and even throwing down some mean street moves.
Hosted by the always capable staff at the Grand Plaza on St Pete Beach
Assist, second shooting, and being an all-around nice guy by Darren Arena
A simply awesome cake by Cakes by Carolynn
Entertainment by the always able Cory of Grant Hemond 
Make up by Lindsay McConnell
Hair by Becca Lindquist